Saturday, 1 October 2011

PAX Prime 2011 Press Guide

Why is PAX Prime so special?

PAX is the massive, now semi-annual, gaming expo that was created in 2004 by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, of Penny Arcade webcomic fame.  The event has grown from 3,300 attendees in 2004, to 70,000 this year. Video gaming has become the number one entertainment industry in the world, so I suppose it only makes sense that gaming expos have exploded in popularity. 

PAX Prime continues to be a “must attend” weekend of epic fun!
The expo is made up of everything a gamer could hope for: hands on time with new and upcoming games, panel discussions, toys, console, PC, and tabletop gaming tournaments, exhibitors, after-hours fun, and much more.

But what is so special about PAX?
Well, first and foremost it’s open to the public. To some people who always thought that E3 was an uncertainty, PAX is the closest you’ll get to an all-access gaming convention pass. And given the amount of loots they give out and the fun crowd that goes there, it’s an amazing experience for first-timers, including myself.
Even young kids are getting in on the action and fulfilling their dreams early. It’s heartwarming to see gamer parents bring their children to these events, giving developers fresh perspective. It’s even better when you see a little kid beating another gamer on a wide display TV screen. PAX is a training ground for the next gamers generation.

PAX attendees are also able to see special gaming performances, free of charge. Of course, this means that a long wait in line But as I have been told “waits are negligible for true fans”. PAX is known for their heavy true gamers attendance and gives for free everything from t-shirts, downloadable game codes, toys, posters, and even classic videogame. Usually no PAX attendee leaves home empty handed.

PAX is Prime and nothing else can beat it, except another PAX. PAX founders have long ago recognized that what is so unique about PAX are the people, the attendees, the fans, the true gamers. You can feel the passion, the enthusiasm and the respect of each other. Gamers are friends, part of a same family, it’s a way of life, it is a culture, almost a religion and PAX as recognized it and so even as a first timer you feel at home surrounded by siblings.

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